Employer FAQs

General Questions

Q. What is the background of Aviation JobNet?

A. Over the past several years, it became obvious that there was not a world-class enterprise level job board solution that focused only on the aviation industry. As aviation professionals and technologists working within the aviation space, we have utilized the available job board options and found them lacking. As a result, Aviation JobNet has leveraged more than 30 years of experience in the aviation and technology industries to create the premier job board for the aviation marketplace.

We have been carefully crafting a job board solution over the past few years that truly addresses more of our aviation clients’ needs than any other job board available in the marketplace today. Even though our job board offering is new, it has been built utilizing decades of expertise in aviation, technology and job boards.  Through our proprietary SmartBoard methodology, we have seeded our job board with over 70,000 current aviation jobs and our aviation candidate database already includes more than 200,000 candidate resumes and is now adding another 10,000 candidates each month.  Aviation candidates come to our job board because we have LOTS of aviation jobs to look at.  As a result, on Day One of using our job board, you will have thousands of candidates looking at your job listings, resulting in more qualified candidates applying to your jobs.

Q. What kinds of assistance can you provide with our job posting needs?

A. As good as our technology is, we also understand the importance of being able to tap into our team of job board experts that can help ensure your job listings are getting the exposure they need to attract the right candidates.  Your account team will regularly review your job listings and identify any that might be underperforming so we can recommend any job listing enhancements to help get more candidates looking at your jobs.

As our working relationship moves forward, you will quickly realize that Aviation JobNet is so much more than a job board…it’s a partnership between you and our combined resources of job board technology and human expertise that will help to make your life easier through a better process of acquiring new talent in the aviation space.

Q. How many aviation job candidates are in your database?

A. That number increases daily. When we launched the job board, we had almost 200,000 candidates in our database and we add another 10,000 candidates each month.

Q. How many active aviation jobs are posted on your job board?

A. The number of aviation jobs posted on the Aviation JobNet site changes daily, but there are typically more than 50,000 current job listings at any given time.  Our technology expires old jobs, so you should only find current jobs that are actually available.  You can see how many active job listings we have in our database by clicking the "Find A Job" link on the Jobseeker main menu.  The total number of active jobs will be displayed in the top-left corner of the page.

Q. Is it expensive to post my jobs on Aviation JobNet?

A. Our Flexible Pricing model is competitive within the aviation job board space...that's before you start looking at the different discount options available. 

One of the aspects of our Flexible Pricing model is that you can cancel your account at any time, so once you create your account and start utilizing our service, you can decide if it’s a service that you wish to continue. Of course, our Flexible Pricing also gives you the option of pre-defined monthly discount bundles, deeper discounts for 12, 24 and 36-month commitments, bulk discount purchase of job posting and resume search credits and even a la carte “as needed” pricing.  And, for ANY of our clients, we are happy to create a customized bundle designed to meet your specific job posting needs.

For more information on pricing, please visit our Pricing Page.

Q. Do you help my job listings be more successful, or do I have to rely on the old "post and pray" approach?

A. Aviation JobNet’s SmartBoard methodology doesn’t rely on the old “post-and-pray” approach to get you applicants for your jobs.  Our internal candidate marketing process (available as an additional service) makes sure that we are continually and proactively pushing your job listings to matching candidates within our existing database.  This means that we are not only helping you target active job seekers currently looking for their next opportunities, but we are also putting your jobs in front of thousands of passive job seekers that we have worked with throughout the years. By utilizing an approach that accurately targets both active and passive jobseekers already inside our platform, we are able to quickly present you with more highly qualified applicants.


Employer and Job Posting Upgrades

Q. What is a Featured Job?

A. A "Featured Job" appears on the home page, to give it more prominence to your audience.  Your "Featured Job" will be displayed within a set of four "Featured Jobs", which randomly rotate each time the home page is loaded, on the desktop AND mobile versions of the site.


Q. What is a Highlighted Job?

A. "Highlighted Job" listings are displayed prominently within the Job Lister page. "The Highlighted Job" listing will have a gray background, which sets it apart from the standard job listings.  Also, if it's a new job listing (first three days), then the word "New" will appear in the top-right corner of the listing to further distinguish it from older listings.


Q. What is a Keyword Sponsored Job?

A. A "Keyword Sponsored Job" allows you to "purchase" certain keywords that will result in your job listing appearing at the top of the Job Lister page when candidates search on those key words. The job listing will be displayed with the gray background to help it stand out on the page..


Q. What is a Top Job?

A. A "Top Job" can force a job to appear at the top of the Job Lister page, based on browse categories "purchased" for that job listing. For example, if your posted job has the "Job Role: Aircraft Maintenance", then anytime a candidate selects "Job Role: Aircraft Maintenance" as part of their browse criteria, your job will be featured at the top of the results.


Q. What is a Video Job?

A. A "Video Job" allows a video to be added to a Job Details Page. You can quickly record a video on your smartphone that relates to the specific job, or you could add a more generic company video that provides the candidate with a better glimpse of your company. Videos are a great way to engage your jobseekers and enhance a job listing, or even just provide company information. You will need to either send us the video or provide a YouTube or Vimeo link to your video.

A video icon is added to the job listing to show that video content is available for that job, thereby increasing the number of candidates who click to view that job.



Q. What is a Custom HTML Job?

A. A "Custom HTML Job" allows you to make a Job Details Page look and feel very different to the existing standard templates. HTML code is dropped into the page, so there are a lot of creative possibilities to make it look how you want it, to better match your own company brand.


Q. What is a Hidden Job?

A. A "Hidden Job" does not appear in either the job listings page or within the Jobs By Email (JBE) campaigns. The only way to access this job is via a secret URL which is provided by your account team and can be subsequently shared by you.

"Hidden Jobs" are particularly relevant where a job is either sensitive or where you may only want to proactively target a qualified set of candidates. For example, a CEO role where the details are not publicly known.

Q. What is a Promoted Job?

A. A "Promoted Job" ensures that the job will always appear above a standard job within the search results, much like appearing at the top of a search engine's listings. This means that your job gains greater exposure within the listing of results, naturally increasing the views and applications.

A "Promoted Job's" styling is identical to that of a standard job and will only appear in searches where the search criteria is relevant. When combined with the "Highlighted Job" upgrade, the "Promoted Job" becomes one of the most powerful features in our platform.


Q. What is the Job of the Week?

A. You can purchase the "Job of the Week" spot for a 7-day period, to help maximize a job listing's exposure. The "Job of the Week" is highly prominent on the Home Page and links to your Job Details page.

Job of the Week

Q. What is the Auto Refresh upgrade?

A. The "Auto Refresh" feature pushes an individual job back to the top of the listing page and is eligible for Job Alerts again. Once enabled, this feature will automatically refresh your jobs every eight days, until each job listing expires.

Q. What is a Featured Employer?

A. If you opt for this upgrade, you will have your company logo prominently displayed on the Home Page, allowing traffic to be directed to your Company Profile page which contains information about your company and your latest jobs.

There are six Featured Employer slots on the Home Page and up to 36 Featured Employers allowed, so your company logo will randomly rotate each time the Home Page is loaded.


Q. What is the Video Employer Profile upgrade?

A. This allows a video to be added to your Company Profile page. This video is hosted by either YouTube or Vimeo and presented via the Aviation JobNet platform. You can also associate this video with all of your jobs, if you wish.  Videos are a great way to educate Jobseekers about your company and get them more engaged in the job seeking process.

When this feature is activated, your company's listing in the Employer Directory is enhanced with a small video icon next to the title. This will obviously help to attract more Jobseekers to check out your Company Profile page, which includes your latest jobs.


Q. What is the Employer A-Z Directory upgrade?

A. The "Employer A-Z Directory" lists all of the company profile pages in the Aviation JobNet site. These company profile pages provide company information, videos, editorial content and the latest jobs.

By default, your Company Profile page will only be listed in the A-Z directory if you have active jobs listed on the site. By purchasing this upgrade, you can ensure that your Company Profile page is always listed in the directory.


Q. What is a Featured Campaign?

A. A "Featured Campaign" is a dedicated page on the job board that can be linked to your company and/or a specific set of categories. These campaigns can be used to attract certain Jobseekers to your jobs on Aviation JobNet or to promote a specific campaign. For example, "Demo Aviation Jobs in Texas" or "A&P Mechanic Jobs in Texas" would both be types of Featured Campaigns.

A "Featured Campaign" will display the latest jobs relating to the campaign categories or company, as well as some editorial content relating to the subject. Landing Pages can be created and are promoted on the job board Home Page.



Q. What is an Employer Minisite?

A. An "Employer Minisite" allows you to have a small micro version of the Aviation JobNet job board, based on your own jobs, branding, messaging, etc. Minisites feature RSS feeds and a Latest Jobs section, as well as branded Job Details and Application pages.

A left-hand navigation menu can be created by adding in additional Minisite pages.


Q. What is the Candidates by Email upgrade?

A. This allows you to receive an email notification when new resumes that match your search criteria are added to the system. The email notifications are sent every 24 hours.


Q. What is an Employer Branded HTML Job?

A. An "Employer Branded HTML Job" is very similar to the "Custom HTML Job" upgrade, but it applies to all job listings for your company. You can set your custom design and layout once and have it automatically applied to all of your current jobs and all jobs moving forward.


Q. What are Job Target Email Campaigns?

A. "Job Target Email Campaigns" utilize an email system integrated with our job board platform to send highly targeted HTML emails to our internal database of aviation candidates.

Q. What is the Twitter Job Feed upgrade?

A. This feature allows you to automatically post some (or all) of your job listings to your Twitter account, with well-formed URLs, search-friendly hash tags and the job title.